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"We're really shifting into that fabled age of photorealism"

- The Guardian

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"This is gorgeous"

Tim Sweeney - Founder of Epic Games

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"You guys are awesome"

Haldor Fannar - CTO, CCP Games

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"Enlighten has given us unparalleled productivity on Need for Speed: The Run."

Alex Ferrier - EA Blackbox

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"We couldn't have brought the characters and stages to life like we did in Street Fighter V without the help from the team at Geomerics and their Enlighten technology"

Bochan Kim - Producer, Capcom

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Enlighten enables real-time global illumination in open-world games

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Transforming Industries with Enlighten

Industries such as AEC, broadcasting or even automotive are experiencing a paradigm shift due to the new need for real-time visualisations – driven in part by increased competition, part by client demand and part by companies pushing for greater efficiency....
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