Enlighten Advanced Applications

Enlighten is the world’s most advanced dynamic lighting technology, delivering real-time global illumination across mobile, desktop and virtual reality (VR) platforms. Enlighten has near universal applications that span far beyond gaming. It is ideal for any enterprise with real-time dynamic lighting requirements including:

  • Film Pre-visualisation
  • Virtual Studios/Broadcasting
  • Architecture Visualisation
  • Creative Agencies
  • Educational and Training Simulation
  • Other VR/AR Applications
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Why is global illumination important?

Global illumination accurately simulates the indirect light that bounces between the objects in your scene. This is the biggest contributor to the photo-realistic quality graphics today’s customers expect. It adds a degree of realism to your scenes and enhances the quality of lighting – just place a few light sources and realistic fill lighting is simulated automatically.

Enhanced Workflow

Enlighten delivers real-time dynamic global illumination in your scene editor. This instant feedback on your changes enables you to light a scene in seconds, removing the need for a lengthy bake after each iteration.

Friction-Free Rendering

Enlighten is optimised to extract maximum performance from hardware through intelligent resource allocation. The runtime calculations can be computed on the CPU asynchronously to the main rendering on the GPU. This empowers developers to increase the complexity of lighting effects and achieve even higher performance. With this advanced high frame rate support, Enlighten enables seamless and immersive virtual/augmented reality experiences possible.

To find out more about how Enlighten works in VR rendering, click here.

How to Get Started

Forge is the Enlighten lighting editor and pipeline tool with a real-time global illumination preview, enabling a a fast-track way to experience and evaluate the capabilities of Enlighten.

Forge enables evaluators to see their own artwork lit with Enlighten and understand the processes around the Enlighten SDK. It supports industry standard shading and rendering models such as physically based rendering (PBR), linear lighting and high dynamic range imaging (HDR).

Forge can also connect to Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, allowing you to import your assets or scene into Forge with a single click. Lighting conditions and textures can be experimented on and finalised before exporting them to the proprietary game engine.

Learn more about Forge.

Tools & Integrations

Enlighten is built into Unity 5 and is available as a stand-alone SDK or integrated into the Unreal Engine 3 and 4, with plug-in support for Max and Maya.

Request an Evaluation

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