What is Forge?

Forge is a lighting editor and pipeline tool that puts the power of Enlighten into the hands of your artists. This intuitive and professional tool provides artists with real-time feedback on changes they make to a level and revolutionises the lighting work‑flow. Thanks to its modular and customizable nature, Forge enables faster integration of Enlighten into your engine.


The Enlighten design philosophy is to provide artists with a range of real-time controls. These allow artists to create practically any desired look from hyperreal to cartoon-style. The real-time feedback ensures artists can iterate rapidly towards their vision and has a dramatic effect on the fi­nal visual quality.

Painting with light

New ways of working with light and colour, including the ability to make any surface into a glowing area light, dramatically expand the toolbox that artists can work with. Whatever changes they make, the runtime cost is ­fixed and affordable.

Tools integrations

Forge ships with plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, enabling a fast and intuitive preview of the capabilities of Enlighten. Lighting conditions and textured can be experimented on and finalised before exporting to the game engine.

Post processing


The Forge preview uses an industry standard physically based shading model in conjunction with high quality post-processing effects by Silicon Studio’s YEBIS 3, which allows full visualization of final-quality rendering within the editor.