What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is the industry’s most advanced dynamic lighting solution that allows you to create and manipulate global illumination in real-time.

How does it work?

With Enlighten you can have completely dynamic lighting and materials with efficient real-time global illumination updates. This is made possible by precomputing information about the location of the static geometry in the scene.

What is global illumination?

Global illumination realistically shows the light that bounces between the objects in your scene.

Why is global illumination important?

Global illumination adds a degree of realism that enables cinematic quality lighting – just place a few light sources and realistic fill lighting is simulated automatically.

Why is dynamic lighting important?

Dynamic lighting allows you to create compelling gameplay in ways never before possible, giving full lighting control to the player and enabling interactive and immersive experiences, for example dynamic time of day, destruction and portable light sources.

What artistic styles are possible?

Enlighten enables a wide range of artistic styles, from photorealistic to cell shaded and everything in between.

Are large worlds supported by Enlighten?

Large and open worlds are fully supported by Enlighten’s global illumination capabilities.

What platforms does it support?

Enlighten supports multiple platforms, including: Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® Vita, PC Games for Windows®, Apple®  Mac OS, Linux, Android™ (& 64-bit), iOS (& 64-bit)

In what forms is it available?

Enlighten is built into Unity 5 as standard and is available as a stand-alone SDK or integrated into Unreal Engine 3 and 4.

What are the workflow benefits to using Enlighten?

Enlighten computes indirect lighting at runtime both in the game and in the editor. This instant feedback enables you to light a scene in seconds and removes the need for a lengthy bake after each iteration.

Can I still bake out lighting?

Yes, the option to fully or partially bake lighting is available.

What tools does it ship with?

The Enlighten SDK includes a lighting and material editor with real-time preview (Forge), an interactive previewing and debugging tool (GeoRadiosity) and a number of sample programs. When using Enlighten via the Unreal Engine or Unity, the Enlighten tools are fully integrated into the game editor.

How does it fit into a rendering pipeline?

The Enlighten runtime takes the game’s direct lighting, precompute and surface maps as input and outputs light-maps, reflection cube-maps and spherical harmonic probes, which are simple to integrate into an existing renderer.

What are the runtime costs when using Enlighten?

The Enlighten update runs on a background thread and doesn’t affect frame rate. A performance budget can be set for Enlighten and the global illumination will refresh as frequently as possible within this limit. Because it is not necessary for indirect lighting to update each frame, this does not affect final visual quality.

Does Enlighten support advanced material properties?

Enlighten simulates diffuse bounce, transmission and emission of light, which can be controlled by material properties. See out Subway demo to see these effects in action.

Does Enlighten support virtual reality?

Enlighten has a full virtual reality support as it can run asynchronously on the CPU, making it perfect for enriching virtual reality applications where the GPU is traditionally the bottleneck.

How can I get hold of Enlighten?

Enlighten will now be available for licensing from Silicon Studios.