An end-to-end approach to physically based rendering
Geomerics section of GDC 2016 talk by Sam Bugden, Geomerics, and Wes McDermott, Allegorithmic

Making light work of dynamic large worlds
Geomerics section of GDC 2016 talk by Ivan Pedersen, Geomerics, and Dominic Matthews, Ninja Theory

Reconstructing Diffuse Lighting from Spherical Harmonic Data
CEDEC 2015 talk by Graham Hazel, Chris Doran and William Joseph

Advanced Global Illumination in Unity 5
Unite Europe 2015 talk by Jim Chaney, Kasper Storm Engelstoft and Adam Simonar

Making Dreams Come True: Global Illumination with Enlighten
GDC 2015 talk by Graham Hazel and Sam Bugden introducing Enlighten 3 with Forge

Efficient Rendering with Tile Local Storage
SIGGRAPH 2014 talk by Sam Martin, Marius Bjorge, Sandeep Kakarlapudi and Jan-Harald Frediksen.

Challenges with High Quality Mobile Graphics.
SIGGRAPH Mobile 2013 talk by Sam Martin, Marius Bjorge, Sandeep Kakarlapudi and Jan-Harald Frediksen.

Advancing Dynamic Lighting on Mobile.
SIGGRAPH Mobile 2012 talk by Sam Martin and Matt Wash

CUDA and the Future of Dynamic Lighting.
GDC 2012 presentation by Chris Doran and Graham Hazel.

Real Time Area Lighting. Now and Next.
Presentation by Sam Martin to AltDevConf 2012.

Rethinking Game Lighting Pipelines.
Talk by Sam Marting at GameFest 2011.

Enlighten Research. Past, Present, Future.
Presentation from the London Graphics Seminar, 2011.

A Real-Time Radiosity Architecture for Video Games
Talk by Sam Martin at SIGGRAPH 2010

Artistic Possibilities with Real Time Lighting.
Develop Conference 2010

Presentation at the Applied Geometrical Algebras conference
by Chris Doran

Nordic Game 2009.


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