• Thursday March 20th, 2014
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event_logo_GDC14Enlighten at GDC 2014

Enlighten computes global illumination dynamically through a lightweight runtime that has been heavily optimized for a wide range of platforms. Dynamic lighting brings a range of new creative possibilities as well as dramatically improving workflow, enabling artists and designers to create realistic and engaging visuals for all games styles while working directly in engine.

New Technology on show

We are demonstrating a number of new technologies and product enhancements this year. These include:

  • AutoUV tools that automatically generate low-resolution UVs, removing the need to author any simplified geometry.
  • Dynamic cube maps for indirect specular effects, giving high-quality glossy reflections with full mip-map support.
  • New plug-ins for 3DS Max and Maya exposing all Enlighten features directly inside the DCC tool, with full lighting preview in a separate window.
  • Support for more flexible surface properties, including transparency where the degree of transparency can be set dynamically at runtime.
  • Improved support for probes with automatic placement and visibility-aware interpolation.
  • Simplified workflow with support for background pre-processing tasks.
  • Support for GPU Compute, including running Enlighten as a background asynchronous compute task.
  • Improved baking support, including baked directional irradiance and support for normal maps.
  • Support for the latest physically-based shading techniques.
  • Runtime support for a vast range of platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, iOS, Android, PC, Mac OS and Linux, including support for the latest 64bit mobile platforms.
  • A complete integration into Unreal Engine 4, including significantly improved workflow.

Meetings and Expo

We are based in Business Suite 2622 in the Business Centre, which this year is in the North Hall. We are arranging meetings by appointment to demonstrate Enlighten and discuss what its real-time global illumination solution could do for your game and workflow. The Business Centre will be open on Wednesday19th, Thursday 20th and Friday 21st March from 9am – 6pm (9am – 3pm Friday 9th March). If you would like to meet up for a demonstration or to discuss our R&D roadmap please contact Rob Precious