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Lighting Contest Winners Announced!

Enlighten Lighting Contest It comes with great pleasure to announce the winners of the Enlighten lighting contest. We received approximately 20 submissions in this contest and although we feel that…

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Enlighten 3.06 now shipping

Precompute performance improvements Enlighten works by precomputing the visibility of static geometry (light transport) in the scene. Following the precompute, lights and materials can change at runtime and the global…

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Enlighten: Mobilised

Global Illumination in Mobile Games with Enlighten By Eleanor Brash, Marketing Manager - Enlighten, ARM The Mobile Gaming Phenomenon In 2016, for the first time, mobile gaming will take a…

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Troubleshooting Physically-Based Content

Physically-based rendering (PBR) is increasing in popularity and with its vast range of benefits, it is no wonder why. Artists can now remove the guesswork around authoring surface attributes and…

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